Monthly SEO packages can be expensive.

Make yours affordable.

Looking for a reliable SEO consultant in Bedford with a proven track record of results and experience at working in an award-winning agency setting? I can help you and your ambitious business grow online, get more visibility and most importantly generate more revenue from SEO.

Monthly SEO Packages for Small & Medium Sized Businesses

Monthly SEO Packages in bedford

Monthly SEO packages get a bad rap, but they are a great way for a new business to get going. Below you’ll find my three core SEO packages. They’re designed to help small and medium sized businesses with limited budgets and expertise get the ongoing SEO support they deserve to help their businesses grow online.

Starter Package

Great for new businesses.
£ 300.00 Monthly
  • Full site setup & tracking
  • Ranking tracking of core keywords
  • 8 hours of optimisation time p/m
  • Monthly report dashboard
  • Keyword research & mapping
  • Landing page generation
  • On-page optimisation
  • Ongoing technical maintenance
  • Monthly progress call via Zoom
  • 1 x optimised SEO article p/m
  • 30-day rolling agreement

Growth Package

Great to increase visibility quickly.
£ 600.00 Per Month
  • Everything in the Starter Package
  • Rank tracking for up to 20 keywords
  • Monthly report dashboard
  • 16 hours of optimisation time p/m
  • 2 x Technical SEO audits
  • Keyword research and mapping
  • On-page optimisation
  • Content strategy creation
  • Ongoing technical maintenance
  • Bi-weekly progress call via Zoom
  • 2 x optimised SEO articles p/m
  • Landing page generation
  • Minimum 12-month agreement

Premium Package

An all-round ongoing SEO package.
£ 1500.00 Per Month
  • Full site setup & goal setting
  • Rank tracking for 100 keywords
  • 24 hours of optimisation time p/m
  • Monthly report dashboard
  • 2 x Technical SEO audits
  • Keyword research & mapping
  • On-page optimisation
  • Content strategy creation
  • Ongoing technical maintenance
  • Bi-weekly progress call via Zoom
  • 6-month and 12-month reviews
  • 4 x optimised SEO articles p/m
  • Landing page generation
  • Internal linking optimisation
  • Cannibalisation reviews
  • Target customer profile generation
  • Competitor analysis
  • Content gap analysis & optimisation
  • Content auditing and optimisation
  • Development task briefing
  • Minimum 12-month agreement
Dan is a highly capable SEO. Not only does he have a great grasp of SEO, he knows how to apply it, articulate it and gets results. If you're looking for an SEO consultant that gets the job done, I'd highly recommend Dan.


My monthly SEO packages in Bedford are affordable, monthly agreements designed to help new businesses and those with limited budgets to get the SEO support their business deserves. They are designed to be flexible and cost effective, and keep you in control of you marketing spend. I offer packages from as little as £300 a month, on a 30-day rolling agreement, meaning that you can cancel at any time.

Every package available includes the fundamental deliverables that every business should expect to receive from their SEO agency or freelancer. This includes, any initial setup on platforms such as Google Search Console, Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics 4 as well as Bing Webmaster Tools. I’ll also provide you the core deliverables that will allow you to get your online business, brochure website, blog or ecommerce store off the ground through keyword research and mapping to help you understand what queries your customers are using to find services and solutions like yours. I’ll then support you in the creation of dedicated, optimised landing pages and ongoing content creation to help increase organic traffic on a regular basis.

Dan and I have worked together on several projects and he always puts the clients best interests first. No problem is too difficult as Dan will do whatever is needed to figure out what is going on and more importantly, how to fix it.


Q: How much does an SEO package cost?

A: My SEO packages range from £300 to £1500 per month. Depending on what stage your business is at, you may need the Starter Package or if you’re an established business looking to kick on and generate more organic leads and revenue, the Premium Package may be better suited. However, if you’re unsure, I’m more than happy to discuss your plans and objectives and I can help you confirm which plan is best suited to your current situation.

Q: Do I need to commit to a long term contract with your SEO packages?

A: No. The Starter Package is designed to be flexible and is a 30-day rolling agreement and you can cancel at any time so long as the required notice period is served. The Growth and Premium packages however, are both monthly agreements (monthly SEO retainers) that require a minimum 12-month agreement. So if you’re looking for an affordable, flexible SEO package in the Bedford area, the Starter Package is a perfect solution for you.

Q: How quickly will an SEO package deliver results?

A: SEO is a long term digital marketing commitment. And an SEO package is no different to signing up for a large ongoing retainer with an agency. Whatever, you’re spend, whether thats £300 or £1500 a month, you can expect it to take at least 6-months for any real progress to be made.

However, in some circumstances this can vary. For example, if you’re a brand new business, and launching a new website, growth can appear to be quicker as there was nothing previously there. However, for a more established website, that may or may not have technical issues outstanding, and a lack of content or resource in a competitive industry, it’ll take a lot longer to see results.

As a general rule, I don’t guarantee results over a certain period of time for my clients, regardless of whether they are on a Starter package, Premium Package or even a bespoke monthly retainer.

I will however, guarantee you my commitment to improving your sites ability and always keeping your interest front and centre of anything that gets implemented.

Q: Why should I sign up for a monthly SEO package with you?

A: Time. Value. Expertise. It’s a simple as that. I’ve been an SEO consultant for over 10-years, working with some of the leading organisations and agencies around the world. The reason you’re looking for an SEO plan and package is simple. You don’t have the time to manage this key marketing channel yourself, I can provide you with incredible value for money and save you £££’s or even ££££’s on a monthly SEO retainer and most importantly, I’m an expert in this field, giving you the time back to focus on running your business whilst I concentrate on increasing your websites performance on search engines such as Google and Bing.

Q: What's the best seo package for me?

A: If you’re a brand new business or have never really given any thought to SEO in the past, then the Starter Package is perfect for you. You’ll get everything you need to get going and track your performance and start to see the value in SEO. If you’re a more established business with a little more budget, and want to start converting traffic into sales and leads, then the Growth Package may be better suited to you. If you’re a large business, either local or national and really want to ramp up the performance of your website, the Premium Package could be good for you.

Regardless of what plan you decide to start with, you’re always welcome to upgrade or downgrade your package as you see fit.